Saturday, 19 January 2008

The little pink fairy

A picture of innocence. A little pointy pink dress of satin and lace. Wrinkled sparkly white leggings and silver ballet shoes. A garland sits lop-sided on top of a stack of golden hair. Her arms going this way and that as she struggles to put on a pair of translucent wings.
Wriggling from side to side she heaves up her leggings then straightens her headgear. She picks up her wand, adjusts the glittery star on the end, and then she’s ready. There are spells to perform. Happiness to hand out and wishes to fulfil!
Falicia the fairy tip-toes out into fairyland. Thomas the ginger tom casts a wary glance in her direction as she totters across the lawn toward him. He sits unconcerned as she taps him gently on the head with her wand, then bends to stroke his sun-warmed back. Little Freddy pulls a quizzical face as the fairy, who looks very much like his sister, wanders over to his play pen. She reaches into her pocket then scatters a handful of stardust over his head. Freddy cries. Felicia wanders off in search of a more appreciative audience. She was certain that when she grew up she would become a real fairy.
Twenty years have passed and Felicia is ‘something in the city’. She is successful. People come to her with their dreams of wealth and she grants their wishes. Her stardust is now share documents. Her fairy land is the bank.
But in those quiet moments she is still that little pink fairy from her childhood. Those quiet moments when she drifts away and imagines herself flitting from flower to flower in a magic garden. When she sleeps she wears a smile as she swings from a rainbow and plays ring-a-ring-a-roses with the butterflies.
But she knows it will never be. She tells herself she was stupid to have ever believed it. The kids that teased her were right.
A dragonfly hovered outside her office window. Felicia turned her head, smiled and winked. A dozen pink rose petals floated down from the sky.

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