Sunday, 20 January 2008

Melissas new bicycle

Melissa had heaps of birthday presents. And one was very special indeed. It was a pink bicycle. Bright pink with blue wheels, a white saddle and a little shiny silver bell. It had a wheel on a stick either side. Mum called them ‘stiblers’ or something like that, and they would help her stay upright. Today her Mum was going to take her to the park and she was to ride it for the first time.

It was a lovely day. The sun smiled down from the blue sky and the birds watched from the trees as Melissa got ready to pedal off around the lake.

First she needed to put on her pink riding helmet. If she fell off she didn’t want to bump her head. Her Mum popped it on and suddenly Melissa couldn’t see! It came right down over her eyes! So Mum fiddled around with some straps and things, tried it again, and this time it fitted perfectly. So on she got!

‘The pedals make it go, and when you want to stop you use this’. Mum said and she pulled up a chrome lever to show Melissa how the brake worked.

Off she went- slowly at first with mum holding the saddle and running along behind. This was fun! A rabbit stopped chewing for a moment and sat up. The man mowing the grass stood still and watched her as she went faster and faster leaving Mum behind! Soon she was back to where she started. So she went round again and again and again until it was time to go home.

Melissa went to the park every week for ages. Soon her Dad said she was ready to ride without her stabilisers. So one day he took her for her first ride with just two wheels!

Dad held on to her as she slowly and carefully started pedalling. Then a little faster, and then a little faster still. And then he let go and let her wobble off down the path on her own. ‘I’m riding Dad, I’m riding’ she shouted.

‘Get out of the way’ she called as she wobbled toward a lazy cat. The cat jumped up and ran into the bushes as fast as it could. ‘Mind out’ she yelled as she wobbled straight toward a hedgehog which was wandering slowly across the path. She started giggling. This was fun.

Ring ring went the bell. ‘Look out ‘shouted Melissa as she laughed louder and louder. She was laughing so much that she began to lose her balance and suddenly she found herself right in the middle of a garden full of flowers! But she didn’t hurt herself and a couple of minutes later she was on her way again.

So next time you go to the park, look out for Melissa. And if she wobbles towards you, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction!

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