Saturday, 19 January 2008


. .
‘Let’s play pirates’ said John to Jack

‘Let’s pretend the garden's an island.

Let’s look for treasure, there’s bound to be some.

Let’s get a spade and a sack’


'Twelve steps forward and two steps right.

Look for a bush and hide'.

‘We have to be quiet,

don’t make a noise.

Look out for something that's bright’.


‘Watch out - a tiger’ says Jack to John

Cat stops and stares then walks off

‘I see a parrot there in the hedge’

A gull flapped its wings and was gone.


Crawling round on their hands and their knees

They look for a probable spot

‘This is the place

I know that it is’

Hidden by bushes and trees.


They made a big hole,

and burrowed and dug

And pulled out the stuff that they found.

Rusty old nails, a bit of a plate

A handle that fell off a mug.


‘When dad sees this mess

he won’t be pleased.

He’ll make us walk the plank.

‘cos yesterday he planted seeds

and now we’ve dug them up!



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