Sunday, 10 February 2008

High in the sky

Jessica loved to look at the sky, especially when it was a sunny day. Today was very sunny and the sky was the bluest blue she had ever seen.

She liked to lie on her back on the grass and watch everything that was going on above her. But Mummy said she had to be careful not to look straight at the sun because it could hurt her eyes.
She laid down and started to look around.

First she saw a fluffy white cloud. It was moving very slowly across the sky. It looked like a giant cotton wool ball, and as it floated in front of the sun it went a little darker for a minute or two.

A beautiful butterfly fluttered above Jessica and looked down at her. It had orange and black and white wings. It flew this way and that until it suddenly decided to fly away and land on the big flowery bush.

High up in the air Jessica saw a some birds flying up, up, up, then down, down, down. They were pure white. She remembered that mummy called them seagulls. They started making squawking noises and sounded a bit cross with each other!

Jessica heard a buzzing sound. At first it was quiet, but it started getting louder and louder. Then just above her head flew a busy bee on its way to find pollen to make honey. It was big and yellow and stripey. She was a little bit scared of the bee, but Mummy told her that if she didn’t upset it, wouldn’t come anywhere near her. So she was very brave and the bee buzzed off!

Then in the rays of sunlight, she saw a cloud of teeny weeny flies going round and round in the warmth. And hovering over the fish pond was a brightly coloured dragonfly. It had a very long tale and wings that flapped so fast that they were just a blur!

Miles up in the sky, an aeroplane flew over her. Jessica new it was very big because she went on holiday in one last year, but this one looked tiny right up there. It was silver and it sparkled in the sunlight. A long white vapour trail came from the back of it and left a line across the sky. And it made a quiet humming noise. Jessica wondered where it was flying too. She thought it would be somewhere hot and sunny.
All this sky gazing made Jessica tired, and her eyes got smaller and smaller until they closed and she fell fast asleep.

The next thing Jessica remembered was her Mummy gently shaking her.

‘Wake up Jessica! You fell asleep! It’s time for tea’.

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