Sunday, 3 February 2008

I've got a new kite!

I’ve got a new kite. My Grandpa gave it to me. It’s shaped like a diamond and it’s nearly as big as me! It’s my favourite colours – yellow, red, blue, and green , and it has a long tail with lots of bows on it.

Today Grandpa took me to the park. It was quite windy and I had a job carrying it. I blew over once, but I didn’t let go of my kite.

We went to the top of the hill. There were a lot of children there flying their kites.
Grandpa held the kite for me and I walked backwards unwinding the string. Then he shouted ‘stop’ so I stopped.

‘Hold the string tight’ he said ‘then run away from me as fast as you can’. So I started running and Grandpa let go of the kite. I looked over my shoulder and my kite was going up into the air. Grandpa shouted ‘Keep running’ so I did. I was out of breath!

‘Stop’ shouted Grandpa. ‘and keep tugging on the string’. I pulled and pulled and my kite fluttered miles and miles above my head. Then suddenly it started going round and round in circles! I laughed so much that I nearly cried!

Round and round it went, faster and faster, then suddenly it dived towards the ground and Grandpa had to run in case it landed on his head!

It went thud as it hit the grass.
Let’s try again said Grandpa. So we did. Up it went and suddenly the wind started blowing very very hard, and the kite pulled and pulled. It nearly pulled me of my feet! Grandpa had to help me hold on so I didn’t go up in the air and fly away!

Then suddenly it flew into a tree and got stuck. I was a bit upset and wanted to cry, but I was brave so I didn’t. Grandpa and another man jiggled and wiggled the string and the kite came free and floated down to the ground.

I was very tired, so Grandpa said ‘Let’s put the kite in the car and go to the ice cream shop’
I thought that was a very good idea!
I had a double choc chip cone with extra chocolate sauce and a flake. It was yummy! I hope we go kite flying again because I like ice cream!



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