Grandad was fast asleep in his armchair. He was snoring very loudly. Zac was sitting at the table with his tin of watercolour paints and his colouring book.
‘Grandma,’ said Zac, ‘can you stop Grandad snoring please?’
Grandma gave him a little shake. Grandad made a huffing sound, then the snoring stopped.
Zac went back to his colouring then suddenly Grandad started snoring again. ‘Oh no!’ cried Zac.
He jumped down from his chair, walked over to Grandad and prodded him. He kept snoring. Zac put his hand over Grandad’s mouth. That didn’t work either so he tried squeezing Grandad’s nose. That just made it worse.
He took one of Grandad’s slippers off and tried tickling his foot. No.
‘You won’t stop him’ said Grandma as she got up and walked out to the kitchen. Suddenly Zac had a fantastic idea!
First, he brushed some red paint on Grandad’s cheeks, then some yellow paint on his nose. Then he painted black glasses around his eyes a black beard on his chin! He was still snoring his head off!
Grandma came back in the room with a tray of tea and biscuits. When she saw Grandad she yelped and almost dropped the tray! Then she started laughing and so did Zac.
All the commotion woke Grandpa up. ‘Have you finished your painting Zac?’ he asked.
‘Yes Grandad’ chuckled Zac.
‘What are you both laughing at?’ he yawned.
‘Nothing!’ said Zac and Grandma together.
‘Grandad’ said Zac, ‘can you take me to the swings, please? My friends will all be there’
‘Okay, come on then’ said  Grandad.

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