‘Guess what I got for my birthday’ said an excited Harry as he hopped from foot to foot.
‘Give me a clue’ said  Bobby.
‘It begins with Z’.
‘Nothing begins with Z except zebra,’ said Bobby ‘and I don’t think you got one of those’.
‘No, I was wrong,’ said Harry, ‘it actually starts with an X not a Z, at least I think so’.
‘An Xbox, an exercise machine thing, a kiss from your girlfriend?’ joked Bobby.
‘No silly, it begins with an X but it sounds like a Z’.
‘That’s stupid Harry. I give up, what is it?’
‘It’s a xylophone!
‘What’s a xylophone?’ asked Bobby. ‘Is it like an iPhone?’
‘No, it plays music silly!’
‘So does my iPhone said Bobby pulling it from his pocket. ’Listen’. He went to push a bud thing in Harry’s ear just as he turned his head and it went up his nose instead!
‘Let me explain’ huffed Harry. ‘It’s like a row of wooden bars and you bash them with hammers, one in each hand’. He demonstrated by flipping his arms up and down whilst singing ‘plink plonk plink plonk’ very loudly.
Bobby still had no idea what he was talking about so Harry took him to his house to show him his present.
It’s the school concert next week and Harry and Bobby are performing a duet on the xylophone while the choir sings a song beginning with Z. What’s it called? Oh yes,  Xanadu!

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