John was a little larger than his friends. It wasn’t because he ate too many sweets, he was born that way. The midwife said he was the biggest baby she’d ever seen!
John got teased quite a lot by his mates. They didn’t mean to hurt him, they really liked him. After all, he was one of their gang. They just thought they were being funny. John didn’t complain though. He was used to it. He knew one day he’d find a way to laugh at them!
One summer’s afternoon they were wandering along the bank of a stream. They watched as lots of little silver fish darted here there and everywhere. A mother duck paddled past followed by six ducklings, frantically flapping their little webbed feet trying to keep up.  A frog sat on a log watching everything that was going on. 
One of the lads suggested they try leaping across the water to the other side. It wasn’t too far. John knew he wouldn’t be able to do it, but he said he’d try. One by one the others jumped over successfully. Then it was John’s turn. He stood staring at the water for a moment or two. The fish stopped swimming, the mother duck turned around and the frog hopped closer to get a better view. This could be the chance John was waiting for!
‘Come on John, you can do it’ they shouted.
John jumped as high and far as he could and landed right in the middle of the stream sending a torrent of water all over his friends! They were all soaked to the skin. ‘My turn to laugh’ he shouted!

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