Henrietta loved looking at the sky. She liked to lay on her back and watch everything that happened above her. Today the sky was the bluest blue she had ever seen. Mummy told her not to look at the sun because it would hurt her eyes.
A fluffy white cloud moved very slowly. It looked like cotton wool. It floated in front of the sun and everything went a little darker for a moment or two.
A beautiful butterfly with orange, black and white wings fluttered above her. It flew this way and that then settled on a flowery bush.
High in the sky, Henrietta saw some white birds flying up and down and round and round. Mummy called them seagulls. They squawked and sounded a bit cross with each other!
A busy bee buzzed past looking for pollen to make honey. It was big and yellow and stripey. She was a little scared of bees, but she was very brave and the bee buzzed on by!
A cloud of teeny weeny flies whizzed round and round, and hovering over the fish pond was a brightly coloured dragonfly with wings that flapped so fast that they were just a blur!
Miles above her was a silver aeroplane which sparkled in the sunlight and it had a long white tail.  It looked tiny but Henrietta knew it was big because she went on holiday in one last year. It made a quiet humming noise. It was probably going somewhere hot and sunny.
All this sky gazing made Henrietta tired, and her eyes got smaller and smaller until they closed and she fell fast asleep.
‘Wake up Henny!’ called Mummy. ‘It’s time for tea’.

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