I’ve got a kite! Grandpa gave it to me. It ’s diamond shaped and nearly as big as me! It’s orange, red, and blue with a very long yellow tail. Yesterday Grandpa and I took it to the park. It was quite windy and I had a job carrying it. I blew over once and landed on my bottom, but I didn’t let go.
We went up a hill. Grandpa held it for me and I walked backwards unwinding the string. He shouted ‘stop’ so I stopped. ‘Hold the string tight,’ he shouted, ‘now run away as fast as you can’.
I started running and Grandpa let go of the kite. I looked over my shoulder and it was going up in the air. Grandpa shouted ‘Keep running’ so I did. I was out of breath!
‘Stand still’ shouted Grandpa. ‘and keep tugging on the string’. I pulled and pulled and my kite fluttered lots of miles above my head. It started going round and round in circles, it was so funny! I got giddy watching it and I nearly fell over!
Then suddenly it dived towards the ground. Grandpa ran in case it landed on his bald head!
‘Let’s try again’ he said. So we did. Up it went and suddenly the wind started blowing very hard, and the kite pulled and pulled. It nearly pulled me off my feet! Grandpa helped me hold on so I didn’t fly away!
Then it flew into a tree and got stuck. I was a bit upset but I was brave and didn’t cry. Grandpa and another man jiggled and wiggled the string until the kite came free and floated down to the ground.
We are going again on Saturday!

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