Grandpa's teeth!

Little Jimmy went to stay with Granny and Grandpa. He always had fun when he went there. Grandpa had false teeth! Jimmy was fascinated by them because they seemed to move around in a different direction from his gums! Granny said that they’d never fitted properly and sometimes when he dozed off in his chair they fell out completely!

Well, the other morning when Jimmy came down for breakfast, Grandpa has lost his teeth! He was having great difficulty chewing his toast and had to dip it in his cup of tea to make it soft enough to swallow!

On the table was a new pack of Jimmy’s favourite breakfast cereal, Chocolate Puffs which Jimmy always called rabbit droppings! There was a big bright splash on the box which said ‘Surprise Gift Inside’ so Jimmy plunged his hand into the cereal to dig it out.
Suddenly he yelped! ‘Ouch’ he shrieked, and when he pulled his hand out Grandpa’s set of false teeth were attached to his middle finger. Jimmy shook his hand and the teeth flew across the room then bounced off the wall and fell to the floor.

‘There they are’ said Grandpa with a huge gummy grin on his face. He bent down to pick them up and suddenly they started to scurry across the carpet. Jimmy, Granny and Grandpa’s eyes popped out! The teeth were alive. Casper the cat looked on terrified. As the teeth rat-a-tatted towards him he turned round and fled, but the teeth were too quick for him and all of a sudden they shot across the floor and bit into Casper’s tail!  Casper was not impressed and he spun round and round until the teeth let go and went flying up and up and up into the air.

Jimmy, Granny and Grandpa looked up in amazement, their eyes bulging, wondering where they were going to land next! Then down and down and down they fell, straight into Grandpas open mouth! Plop!
Jimmy decided to have a boiled egg and soldiers instead of rabbit droppings. Hopefully there would be nothing unusual lurking deep inside the yolk

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