Belinda had a very special birthday present, a pink bicycle with a white saddle and a shiny silver bell. It had two extra wheels sticking out the sides which Mum called ‘stiblers’ or something like that. They’d stop the bicycle tipping over.
Mum took her to the park for her first ride. She put on her pink helmet so if she fell off she wouldn’t bump her head, and she was ready to ride around the pond.
‘These pedals make it go, and these levers make it stop’ Mum explained.
Off she went, slowly at first with Mum holding the saddle and trotting along behind.  What fun! A rabbit stopped chewing and sat up. Some pigeons watched as she went faster and faster leaving Mum behind! She looked a bit nervous but Belinda wasn’t! Round the pond, she went, and soon she was back where she started. So she went round again and again until it was home time.
Belinda rode in the park lots more times and one day Dad said she was ready to ride without stabilisers!
Dad held on as she slowly started pedalling. Then a little faster, then faster still. Then he let go and she wobbled along the path on her own. ‘I’m riding on two wheels Dad, look!’ she shouted.
‘Out of the way’ she called as she wobbled toward a lazy cat. It leapt into the bushes! ‘Mind out’ she yelled as she headed for a hedgehog wandering slowly across the path. She was giggling. This was fun.
Ring-ring went the bell. ‘Look out everybody’ shouted Belinda laughing louder and louder, so much that she started losing her balance. Suddenly she rode into a flower bed! She didn’t hurt herself and soon she was off again.
So next time you go to the park, watch out for Belinda. If she wobbles towards you, run as fast as you can the other way!

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