Danny and Maria were best friends. They liked the same things; Mr Men books, glove puppets and jumping up and down on a trampoline! Danny quite liked Maria’s dolls, but he didn’t tell the other boys, and Maria loved playing with Danny’s toy cars but she didn’t tell her sister.
The other day they played dare! Danny dared Maria to pick up a wriggly worm and she did. Maria dared Danny to touch some slimy frog spawn and he did.
Then along came Danny’s big brother Harry. He wasn’t frightened of anything at all. He once crawled up the slippery part of the slide in the park, and one day climbed up next door’s tree to scrump an apple. Last Christmas he even ate a sprout! Yuc!
Harry started doing daring things. He let a caterpillar creep up his sleeve, and he spun round and round until he was giddy. He picked one of Daddy’s flowers, and that was really daring because he knew Daddy would get a bit cross.
Then Maria ran up to him holding a big brown hairy spider behind her back. She told Harry to close his eyes and stretch out his hand. She put it on his palm then told him to open his eyes. Harry took one look at the hairy beast, screamed and ran down the garden.
Harry wasn’t so daring after all!

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