Emma had a special talent. She didn’t know it was special. She thought it was normal.
One summer’s day Mummy and Daddy and Uncle Gilbert and Auttie Molly were all sitting in the garden. Daddy was cooking burgers and stuff over a fire in a big tin box. Little Emma was wandering around amusing herself. She winked at a bumble bee and it buzzed round in a circle. She poked out her tongue at a dandelion and it exploded and all the little white bits floated down and landed in her hair.
She wiggled her nose at a bud, and it turned into a beautiful flower. She stuck out her tongue at an ugly slug and it slithered away as fast as its slime could carry it! She smiled at a spider which sat down beside her, and started to tickle her feet!
It was getting cloudy and Emma felt a little chilly. Auntie Molly looked up at the sky and frowned.
Daddy gave Uncle Gilbert a plate of big fat sausages. Emma was hungry and wondered when she would get hers! Uncle Gilbert shook some pepper over his plate, but some of it missed and went up Emma’s nose! She sneezed the biggest sneeze she’d ever sneezed and suddenly the clouds disappeared!
Emma looked up at the sky and grinned. The sun looked down at Emma and smiled!

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