Felicity is wearing a pretty pink dress of satin and lace. Wiggling from side to side she heaves up her sparkly white leggings then laces her silver ballet shoes. Her arms go this way and that as she struggles to put on her wings, then she straightens the garland of flowers in her golden hair.
She picks up her wand, adjusts the glittery star on the end, and she’s ready. There are spells to perform, happiness to hand out and wishes to fulfil!
Felicity the fairy tiptoes out into fairyland. Thomas the ginger tom sits unconcerned as she taps him gently on the head with her wand, then bends to stroke his sun-warmed back. Little brother Billy pulls a quizzical face as the fairy, who looks very much like his sister, wanders over to his playpen. She reaches into her pocket then shakes a handful of stardust over his head. Billy brushes the rice from his hair then he starts to cry!
Felicity wanders off in search of a more appreciative audience. She was certain that one day she would become a real fairy.

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