‘Shhhh’ said Simon. ‘It’s over there, look!’
Samantha and Simon crawled ever so quietly, and ever so slowly across the lawn on their hands and knees. As they got closer and closer, the grasshopper just sat there. Closer and closer, then ‘Ouch!’
‘Be quiet Samantha’ whispered Simon. ‘I said don’t make a noise’
‘But I knelt on a stone’ hissed Samantha. ‘It hurt’.
‘Don’t be such a girl’, said Simon. ‘I knew I should have brought Sean’
‘I won’t help if you are horrible’ said Samantha, ‘you are so mean’.
The grasshopper still sat there. They were just feet away. Closer and closer they went.
‘Have you got the jar?’ whispered Simon.
‘Of course’ hissed Samantha sounding a bit cross. ‘And I’ve put some grass in it’.
Jack knelt up and made his hands into a cup shape, then very slowly, very very slowly, he shuffled forwards on his green knees. He moved his hands towards the grasshopper. Six inches away, three inches, then one inch and ……
Suddenly the grasshopper jumped high up in the air, nearly as high as the house! It landed on a yellow flower by the shed.
‘Grrrrr’ said Jack.
They crawled ever so slowly, and ever so quietly across the lawn on their hands and knees towards the shed. The grasshopper just sat there. It made a chirruping sound and Samantha started to giggle. Then she flung herself forward and reached out as far as she could to try and catch it.
Again it hopped high into the sky. Nearly as high as the tree!
‘Now where is it?’ said Simon.’
‘I don’t know’ said Samantha. ‘It was a silly idea anyway.’
‘Hey’ said Simon. ‘Let’s go and catch a butterfly instead!
‘You can go on your own’ said Samantha.’ I’m going to pick some daisies’.

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