He was so excited! For months, Raymond had watched his big sister preening herself in preparation for her latest date! Now it was his turn, his first date.
Ok, he was only five feet tall with a chin as smooth as a baby’s bum, but it was time to put away his Action Man and claim his own Barbie doll!
Now, what to wear. Usually, he put on whatever his Mum left out for him. But today, he would decide! The laid back look with ripped jeans and a tee shirt, or those smart Chinos he’d never worn?.
He looked in the mirror. Should he get the kitchen scissors and lop off the bit of hair that always stuck up?  Sudden horror! That zit wasn’t there this morning. Why did it choose today to glow on the end of his nose?
Pull yourself together he thought. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Your grown-up life.
As Raymond swaggered along the road clutching a few flowers he’d picked from the garden, he glanced at his watch. Would she be waiting or would he get there first?
He walked to the bench by the pond as arranged. She wasn’t there, but he was a little early. Ten minutes later he was still waiting. But girls like keeping boys waiting. Or so his sister told him.
The sun went down. The playground emptied and the ducks swam back to their island. He sniffed as he tried to stop a tear trickling down his cheek. It was true what they said about girls. He should have listened to his mates. He should have gone with them. They were finishing their new camp in the woods. They were having fun.
He threw the flowers into the pond. He had been stood up on his first date.

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