When I grow up I’m going to be the Queen’ said Hollie. ‘I’ll wear a sparkly crown on my head and wear posh clothes and sit on a big gold chair called a frone, or something like that’.
‘Don’t be silly’ said bossy brother Ben. ‘You can’t be the Queen!’
‘Yes I can, and I’ll have some soldiers and some servants and some maids and a big bed with tall wooden poles in the corners and a lady to bring me my breakfast before I get up’.
‘No you won’t’ laughed Ben.
‘Yes I will and I’ll have a bubble bath every day and a rubber duck with diamond eyes and nice smelling squirty stuff to spray all over me and….guess what?
What?’ sneered Ben.
‘I’ll whisper it in your ear because it’s a bit rude’ said Hollie.
Ben came closer.
‘Queens don’t go to the toilet‘  
‘Really?’ said Ben.
‘Cross my heart’ said Hollie, ‘Suzie told me. And you know on Christmas Day at three o’clock when Mummy and Daddy tell us to be quiet while the Queen talks out of the telly? Well, when I talk to everybody it will be interesting not boring like it was last Christmas’.
‘Ok, your Majesty, but I’m not going to be your page boy!’ Ben giggled as he pinched Hollie’s nose and ran off!

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