Freddie and the Frog

Little Freddy was on his hands and knees staring into a pond watching the little fishes staring back at him.

“Ribbit – hello – ribbit” a strange voice said! Freddy shot up and looked around.

“Who’s there?” he said rather nervously

“Ribbit – me- ribbit” the voice said.

”Don’t be silly” said Freddy “no one’s called Ribbit. I call my friend Rabbit because he has big ears, but you are not him. And where are you anyway?”

“Ribbit – over here- ribbit”

Then Freddy’s eyes popped out like gobstoppers! He realised that a big green slimy frog sitting on a lily pad was talking to him.

“Ya–ya-you can’t-t-t-t-talk – you are a f-f-f-frog” stammered Freddy. “Frogs only cr-cr-croak”

“Ribbit – yes I can - ribbit”

“Wait ‘til my friends see you!” shouted Freddy “I’m taking you home. You are going to be my pet and all my friends will be jealous”

“Ribbit – you’ll have to catch me first – ribbit”

And with that the frog leapt into the air and landed on the far side of the pond. Freddy rushed around the pond but tripped on a stone and landed on his bottom in the shallow smelly stinky water at the edge!

“Ribbit – you can’t catch me – ribbit” laughed the frog!

And then he jumped in the air and landed on a mound of grass in the field.

Freddy got up, slithered a couple of times, and then ran into the field toward the frog. A cow was chewing something or other, then sort of smiled as Freddy slipped again, and landed with his face in a pile of cow poo!

“Oh horrid” cried Freddy as he wiped the brown muck of his cheeks and rubbed his eyes.” I’m going to catch you – you see”

“Ribbit – come and get me then – ribbit”

And the frog went hop hop hop towards the hedge.

Suddenly Freddy tripped over a fallen branch and landed flat on an ant hill. The busy ants stopped working and started to creep and crawl up Freddy’s legs. Up jumped Freddy and he spun round and round around brushing his legs and sweeping the ants away before they could start nibbling at his knees and things!

“Go away – get off- stop tickling” he screamed. “Okay Mister Frog” he shouted “I’m coming after you and you won’t get away”.

“Ribbit – bye bye – ribbit” said the frog and he jumped clean over the prickly hedge and out of site.

Freddy was a bit upset. He was wet, smelt horrible and had itchy little bites on his legs. He slouched home with his hands in his pockets feeling very sorry for himself. He pushed open the gate to his garden and wandered up the path towards the kitchen door.

“Ribbit – ribbit – ribbit”

Freddy looked around then caught site of big green slimy frog sitting in a puddle on the lawn.
“There you are” shouted Freddy. “I suppose you think that was funny”

“Ribbit – ribbit – ribbit”

“Speak to me frog – I know you can”

Well, Freddy’s mother heard him and she came rushing out. She was so shocked at the state of him that she gasped and put her hand over her mouth. She walked over to him then had to pinch her nose when she smelt him!

“What happened to you, and who are you talking to?” she asked.

“That frog!!” shouted Freddy pointing with his grubby finger. “It can talk!!”

“Don’t be silly “smiled his mother. “Now go in, and get those filthy clothes off”


“No buts Freddy, go indoors now. NOW”

Freddy went in, and his mother looked at the frog and smiled.

“Ribbit – ribbit – ribbit” croaked the frog. Then he winked, waved one little green leg then flew over the fence and hopped away!

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