Millie and her friend Billy were looking at a picture book about things that live in the sea.
‘What’s that funny thing?’
‘I think it’s called an octopus’
‘Why has it got, err… one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight legs?’
‘Because that’s the way it’s made’
‘If it wore shoes it would need four pairs and it would have to tie up lots of laces wouldn’t it?’
‘Yes, eight of them. I bet it would be good at football. It could kick the ball in all sorts of directions’.
‘If it was the goalkeeper it would just lay on its back and stop every shot!’
‘I wonder if it ever treads on its own toes?’
‘Or trips itself up!’
‘I’ve just thought of a joke’
‘Go on then’
What do you call a cat with eight legs?
I don’t know. What?
An octopussy!
Haha, very good! Now let’s look at the next page’
‘What’s that?’
‘It looks like a little horse with no legs’
Your mummy will know’
‘Mummy, what’s this called?’
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